San Carlos 2008  (First week of September)

Eight straight days of paradise

We started the week on 5.5's and 1-2 foot waves, and ended on 4.5's and logo-high. It gradually built the who week. Couldn't have asked for better.

Troy getting a little finesse on a top turn (photo by Donald Obst)

Mike Colee of Santa Barbara checking out the corduroy

Alan White paying lip service

Donald getting the scoop on his next top turn

"Frenchie", aka Alain Ciclet

Donald getting the seal of approval

Poor Jim couldn't shake the cold till the last two days. He wore his hat though!

The rigging compound

Trejo looking for a weapon to defend himself from two happy campers, Mac Barnhardt and Rob Cornwell

The flight down and back. Here are Tommy and Donald Obst and Sergei from SFO

Some of the view on the way down

Kevin McG of California takes a turn for the better

Donald Obst getting ready for the big days to come

Troy cutting it close to shore on this one

Donald following suit:

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