San Carlos, Baja

September, 2007

If you hone in on this house you'll see an interesting waypoint on the way into Ensenda...
The camp at San Carlos at sunset. Yep, those are kites beside the tents. The tents are your 'rooms' for the week, which by the way are very comfortable.
The overall camping situation. The astroturf keeps your feet and sails clean.
This is the camp looking towards the Northwest. There is somewhat of a beach for launching.
Here're some flint and chert remnants from spear and tool knapping. Clark, our resident expert, says they date from around 10,000 years ago when the whole area around what is San Carlos was populated by small towns. Back then, there was more water and probably greenery.
Jamie from Regina, SK,Canada
Jamie's the only sailor I caught with the camera sailing. This was because of the usual excuse of being on the water when it was good. This day (pictured) ranks about a '3', between 1-10, for San Carlos.
Jamie at the Bombora. The Bombora is a small island off the beach upwind that creates a nice wind-wave. The conditions are more side-shore and are perfect for practicing aerials. In this pic, Jamie's on a 4.5.

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