When attempting the 'IBSCC Beer Challenge' it is advisable to put covering over your carpet before attempting! The goal is of course to drink beer with your feet, but, some of you will no doubt spill some on the carpet.

All photos courtesy Lisa B

In photo 1 (above) Nona Pourlos (Pour-los) demonstrates the proper position for step one of the IBSCC Beer Bust In step two Nona shows how she uses her hands to guide the bottle at the correct angle. If you are limber enough you might be able to leave your hands on the bottle while pouring. The main thing is to keep the feet on the bottle.
Each of us has our own style, one is no better or worse than another's. Here Dave Bertke demonstrates a very solid effort. He was actually one of the winners. Nona was the first to accomplish the goal of drinking beer from the bottle with her feet. Note the dribble on her shirt.
Dave's standing soon fell, when, with practice, other members of the IBSCC soon learned the proper technique. The loser bracket involved a new angle to the 'beer bust' challenge.
Mac Sasser demonstrates the proper use for the umbrellas you receive in your drink at Hodad's.

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