March 4-11, 2006


This is the town of San Pedro, Belize from 500 feet. The pier in the center is where Sailsports Belize is headquartered. You can rent Hobie Cats or windsurfing gear here. Chris, the owner, is a very competent windsurfer, sailor, kiter and all around waterman. Here's his site:  In addition to his small cats for rent, one can easily rent snorkel gear and head out to the moorings where you can tie up and snorkel away from crowds.
In order to reach San Pedro you have to fly in on puddle jumpers. This was our ride out, although the ride in seated 12 people. San Pedro is about 20 miles offshore of the mainland. The only other alternative is a water taxi that takes an hour.
In this picture you can see the offshore reef. It is about 1/2 mile off shore of San Pedro. Even though it is a dry reef, there is an inlet located just to the left of the coral head. If you line up the two boats in the picture you can see the inlet. This is where the locals wave sail. We had logo+ waves the day I sailed it. It was fun, but the downwind coral head made me really nervous. Chris, the owner of Sailsports Belize showed me that it wasn't that much of a concern. The currents will carry you around the head in the event of a breakdown. Just keep an eye out for the edge of the inlet.
This is our buddy, 'Jim', from Kenosha, Wi. He and his wife Cathy were down for the week. He's sailing the popular inside lagoon area in this picture. No worries about reefs or coral heads on the inside. While we were in San Pedro we had four days of light breezes and three solid 20+ knot days. The swell was wind swell, but seemed a lot like ground swell. The remainder of the photos are of Jim. I'll have some more in a couple of days.
In this picture you can see a sailor in the inlet.
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