Black Sea Shredding
Hi Alan ,

 The season at the Black Sea is from 1st of June to the end of September. But the water becomes cooler and cooler because it is going to be fall next. I always windsurf when the weather allows me to do this, I never make any jokes with my health, but through this months we catch a real wind about 20 times, if you are skinny you might have double this may be. But the best months are the cold months like September and June and first half of July but the most windy. Right now I do not have more pictures or anything else because my brother he scans them in Bulgaria and he he had sent me the previous pictures. But he might send me more .We have plenty of pictures with the years the pictures become real proffesional. If I show you a picture from my first attempt in windsurfing you are going to be fascinated. A real amateur picture .The first windsurf was manufactured by my father by an old Alpha, It looked like my father made it but it was good for a beginning and this was how the story began. Now all my family windsurf. I know windsurfers in Kiten (the resort that we go most) that are 73 years old and we speak to each other and we have a mutual conversation for windsurfing, we go to clubs and restaurants with them. It is a real good time. There is no age for windsurfing you just handle the boom and go after the wind.    

Best regards

Dimitre S.


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