Oregon July, 2008

Donald Obst, Scott Burnisde, Sean Aiken, Alan White /  This was taken the morning of a freestyle event that Sean was MC'ing. Look for the tape on Fox Sports in Auguts

Scott killing it at the Hood River skatepark on a no-wind day.

Donald at The Wall in a high=speed duck jibe. Check out the sequence below

Donald skying at The Wall.

The Donald again..

Who's the dork with the helmet?

Jen at the Oneota Gorge

Random shot from The Gorge Games

Sean at the mic. I would say doing what he does best, but Sean's got the actions to back any words he says. That guy rips on the mountain biking as well as windsurfing. He took us down the Post Canyon Trail, leaving us in his dust.

Jen and me at The Oneonta Falls.

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