Photos by Daphne

All of these photos were taken at Cape Sebastian, which is located 7 miles South of Gold Beach, Or. The date was July 17, 1998.

Down the road about a mile is "The Rock", where the Pistol River Contest is held every year. The wind conditions there are side-on, whereas the wind here, at the Cape, are side-off. Note the spray blowing back.

The wind was blowing about 12 knots from the North at Gold Beach (open ocean); however, because of the shape of the Cape there is venturi causing quite a bit more wind in its shadow. On this day I was on a 4.5 sail despite it not blowing very hard on the outside. Nobody really sails the outside anyway. The fun's in the break!

The sets we don't see on the East Coast...


Daphne caught this off-the-lip on the cam corder.

Also taken with my 8mm camcorder by Daphne.


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