Thanksgiving, 2007

Avon, NC (Cape Hatteras)

Tony, Ann, Jen, Judy and Albert posing on the last day of our Thanksgiving outing. And, yes! We're all still speaking to each other :-)    
Jen, boning up for the test of cooking skills later on. She and Tony had a great time competing in the kitchen. Naw, they're not 'Type A' personalities. Not at all. I got my windsurfing this trip too! Four solid 5.3 days.  
Where we stayed for four days..."Point of View"    
Jen, Tony, and Ann checking out the swell at the old Cape Hatteras lighthouse.    
Tony, Jen, and Ann investigate the new location for the famous Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. It was moved here from one mile away several years ago.    
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