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Mark Melaragno is the owner of the Ford. He bought this vehicle in Texas from a gentleman who had had a diesel installed. With the 8,500 lb weight of beds, refrigerator, TV, shower, toilet, and water tanks, he finds that the diesel pulls just fine. He will soon be adding a turbo charger to boost pick up. His mileage hovers around 15 gallons on the highway. Mark is also working on a roof carrying system. If you have any suggestions for ways to store gear up high on a fiberglass roof please let him know.  If you have any questions for him drop him an email at: mmelaragno@aol.com   I bought a stripped cargo work van (Dodge B-250) and had it drop shipped to Quigley's in Pennsylvania. My philosophy was to keep all my gear stowed in the van at all times. There is plenty of room to throw down sleeping bags. Often, I'll put my boards on the racks once I get to the coast. With a stripped van I can sweep out the sand fairly easy. The engine I have is gas (400 ci), and I get about 18 mpg...or better! Mark and I both put 16" wheels on out vans for aesthetic reasons. I used to have the normal 15" sized wheels. Despite many hours of four wheel driving in extremely dry sand, the most I ever had to do to climb out of a hole was to lower the air pressure. I even pulled a CJ Jeep out once!



  And, if you don't have 4x4, you can always just let air out of your tires like Dimitri Pourlos does


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