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All clips are in MPEG format and might require viewing twice in order to see complete movie.


Dana Miller at Maryhill, Washington / July 2000  (12 forward loops)      About 8.5 MEGS!
Dave Cavanaugh at the North End / September 2000 (back loop)         About 400k
Mark Melaragno at the North End / September 2000 (wave riding)       About 400k
Dave Cavanaugh in Charleston  ('Hoss Tack')                                       About 300k
John F. at Lake Norman (Laydown jibe)                                               About 200k
Alan White (carving 360)                                                                      About 400k
Vintage Dave Swaringen (Duck Gybing at Clackskani 1991)                About 1.2 megs
Keith McCulloch wave riding at Lighthouse prior to Hatteras Contest    About 8 megs
Dave Cavanaugh wave riding typical waves at Hatteras (Ramp 34)        About 3.3 megs
Sean Aiken on a half-mile long wave ride at Punta San Carlos 2002        About 20 megs
Sean Aiken back looping at The Bombora in Baja                                   About 1.5 megs
Sean Aiken 'Off-the-lip"                                                                         About 2.5 megs

Video Clips from Hatteras Island Windsurfing Championship 2000

Donnie Bowers looping during contest at Salvo Ramp                          About 300k
Alex Aguera going off-the-lip at Lighthouse                                         About 200k
Alex Aguera riding some shore break at Hatteras                                 About 400k
Three sailors, Alex A., Dimitri M., and Keith M. do battle                    About 1.2Meg


Please send us a few photos of your windsurfing vacation!

Ramsey Creek, April 16, 2011

Ft. Fisher, NC 4-3-09

Baja, September 2008

Fay, August 2008

Hood River 2008

Pistol River 2008

Ft. Fisher, 05-09-08

Lake Monticello, SC 03/08/08

Lake Norman New Years 2008

Lake Monticello, SC 12/16/07

Baja September 2007

Sherman Island 6/10/06

Belize 2006

Costa Rica January 2004

North End 12/13/03

June vacation Central California 2003

July vacation along Oregon's south coast 2003

Hatteras Turnout, April 2003

Photos from Blythe Landing Fall 2002 (Thanks Serhan)

Baja Trip August, 2002

Central California July, 2002

Isle of Palms May, 13th, 2002 (Thanks Johnathan)

Hatteras Turnout, April 29, 2002

Club trip to Cabarete 1992

Click here for images from the 'North End' at Wilmington, NC

Click here for images from Pamplico Sound of members Mac, Lisa, and Dave S.

Shots from Pistol River, Or. (No pun intended)

More shots from Pistol River (Summer 2001) 

The Official IBSCC Beer Bust. (Things to do on no-wind days)

Photos and narrative by Dimitre 'S' from Bulgaria

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